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Organic coagulants and floculants

Organic coagulants and flocculants are widely used in drinking water treatment, wastewater and

sludge dewatering.

The organic coagulants are polymers possessing high cationic charge, which is necessary to

destabilize negatively charged colloidal particles and ensure rapid flocculation.

Organic flocculants - a water-soluble high molecular weight compounds which, when administered

in dispersions are adsorbed or chemically bound to the surface of the dispersed phase particles and

particle agglomerates are combined (floccules), promoting their rapid deposition.


Organic coagulants EXTRAFLOCKТМ are low molecular weight cationic polyelectrolytes. The action mechanism of organic coagulants as opposed to inorganic ones is based on the adsorption of molecular chains on pollutant particles with subsequent formation of interpracticle bonds. The selection of coagulant type is based on practical experience and laboratory tests.

Focculants EXTRAFLOCKТМ belong to the group of polyacrylamides with general formula (-CH2CHCONH2-)n. They are amorphous, high molecular weight water soluble chemicals. Flocculants are used with coagulants to increase the size of flakes and their further removal.