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Long Chlor Tabs 200

• Disinfectant of long action in tablets
• For regular water disinfection
• Effective against bacteria, viruses, fungi

Field of use:

The reagent is used for regular disinfection of pool water in public and private swimming pools. Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Physicochemical parameters:

Appearance Tablets of white colour
Content of active reactant, %, min 90
Concentration of hydrogen ions (1% solution), рН, units 2,0-4,0
Weight of one tablet, g 200±3,0


The reagent should be used only as directed, following this instruction. The agent should be used with neutral pH level 7.0-7.4 with filtration system in operation. The reagent should or placed in a skimmer or a float dispenser.


Add the reagent to the water in the ratio of 1 tablet per 25 m3 of water every 7-10 days. The proposed dosages should be considered as general recommendations. Dosage of reagents should be increased or decreased depending on the water temperature, hardness, intensity of pool use, etc. It is strongly recommended to check the chlorine level in water by a tester. The standard amount of free chlorine should be 0.3-0.6 mg/dm3. The stabilizer content in water should not exceed 75 mg/dm3.


Use means of protection for skin, eyes and respiratory organs while working with the reagent. Persons under 18 years old and those who have heightened sensitivity to chlorinated compounds are not allowed to work with the reagent. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Swallowing of the reagent should be avoided. It is necessary to observe the rules of personal hygiene while working with the reagent; you must not smoke, drink or eat while working with the reagent. Wash face and hands with water and soap after working with the reagent.

First aid measures:

In case of breach of safety measures while handling the reagent, irritation of the eyes and respiratory organs can occur as well as skin redness and itching and a headache. In case of intoxication, remove the patient from the contaminated area to fresh air or to a well-ventilated room, wash the patient’s mouth, throat and nose, give the patient a glass of warm water with baking soda (one teaspoon per a glass of water) or milk. If the reagent gets into eyes, rinse them immediately with running water during 10-15 minutes and consult a doctor if necessary. In case of swallowing, it is essential to give the patient some glasses of water to drink and consult a doctor as soon as possible.


Store the reagent in a closed ventilated dry place at temperatures from 0 оC up to 30 оC out of reach of children, away from foodstuffs. Shelf life in the original package - 24 months from the production date. The production date is indicated on the package.


5 kg, 10 kg, 25 kg.

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