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ТУ У 24.1-19155069-014:2011

Focculants EXTRAFLOCKТМ belong to the group of polyacrylamides with general formula (-CH2CHCONH2-)n. They are amorphous, high molecular weight water soluble chemicals. Flocculants are used with coagulants to increase the size of flakes and their further removal.


Flocculants EXTRAFLOCK™ are designed to clean drinking water, municipal and industrial water treatment systems (water recycling, industrial water supply, nuclear and thermal power plants), to dispose of sewage and liquid industrial waste from industrial, agricultural and food processing facilities. Flocculants can be used in mining for flotation and chemical flocculation, coal, oil and gas, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, building and construction, pulp and paper, feed protein production, manufacture of insecticide, etc.


– High water quality with minimal settling time;
– Increased productivity without capital expenditure;
– Improved performance and increased service life of filtration systems;
– Minimized cost of waste management. 

Flocculants based on polyacrylamide (N, P)
Supplied as powder and solutions
N series: 80, 130, 160, 180, 195, 200
Р series: 20, 40, 45, 70, 80, 90, 100, 120, 130, 140, 150, 170, 180
Appearance of loose solid matter Granules of uncertain shape from white
to light-yellow colour, granule size 0,1 – 3 mm
Appearance of loose solid matter Solution from transparent to lightly turbid
Apparent density, g/cm3 0,8±0,05


– After destabilization of colloid system by coagulants;
– As aqueous solutions, concentration 0,05 – 0,5 %.


Flocculants are packed in 25 kg bags with polyethylene inlay or in 700-800 kg big-bags (for powder) and IBC containers of 1 м3 (for emulsions). Transportation of flocculants is made by all transportation means in accordance to freight transportation regulations applicable for this type of transportation.


Flocculants of all types are kept with temperature from 0 °С to 35 °С in producer’s packing away from acids, alkalis, combustible materials and strong oxidizers. Moisture should be avoided. Ready-made flocculants solutions should be kept in plastic, glass, glass fiber or stainless steel tanks.


Solid materials – 24 months from production date, liquids – 6 months from production date. After the product has been opened it should be used within 4 weeks.

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